Meet The Trainers

Lauren Baggett

Head Trainer

Austin Riding Club Founder

Lauren has been working with horses her entire life, starting when she was just a young child on her parents’ farm in Lawrence, KS. With 25 years riding experience under her belt, Lauren specializes in dressage, combined training, biomechanics and young horse development. She has studied under the acclaimed trainers Heather Blitz, Jamie Kment, Rebecca Rigdon, Ryan Yap and Conrade Schumacher, and is a USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist. Lauren teaches her students to become strong, coordinated and balanced collaborators with their equine partners. Horses in training with Lauren build mental and physical strength resulting in an animal who is fit, confident and happy in their work. In line with her well-rounded training philosophy, Lauren keeps herself balanced by enjoying hobbies like yoga, swimming and cooking. 

Sammy Cook


Sammy started riding at the ripe old age of 7, and has spent the last 20 years working with horses. An Austin native, she grew up competing in the local show circuits as well as the larger A shows throughout Texas. She has trained with the Louisiana State University Equestrian Team and ridden in numerous clinics with Riding Club of Austin’s preferred clinician Heather Blitz. Her primary disciplines are hunters, equitation and jumpers, and she is currently in dressage training and learning more about biomechanics. Sammy believes it’s important to build strong foundations in the training of both horses and riders, and she is fantastic with beginners. Sammy has never outgrown her childhood love for ponies and you will often see her in the arena on one of the Riding Club’s many little cuties. When she is not at the barn you can find her reading a book in her hammock with her pups. 


Ashley Bearden


Ashley started riding at age 3, working in a variety of disciplines before focusing on eventing. Over the years she won Team Silver and Team Gold at the USPC Show Jumping Nationals. She was also a member of the Dallas Pony Club and implements her Pony Club knowhow in her daily life, passing that knowledge to each of her students. After her successful career in eventing, Ashley moved to dressage, studying under trainers Jane Savoie, Heather Blitz, Mary Wanless, Jimmie Wofford, Blyth Tait, Nick Larkin, and Claudio Oliviera, and is a USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist. Ashley strives to find ways to optimize her teaching to meet the needs of the individual, allowing her clients and horses to achieve their fullest potential in a productive and positive way.